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Speaking Programs


My name is Kevin Desrosiers and I work with organizations that want their people to overcome adversity so they can reach their full potential at home and work.
Bridge Over Adversity is more than a book—it's an inspirational and educational speaking program designed for growth and empowerment. I lead programs on overcoming adversity in life, enlisting mentors to grow, and becoming a better speaker/presenter. 
I currently offer two different programs.  They can be used as keynotes, mid event presentations, or as educational sessions.  Although the content for each program is already established, he will work with the event planner to customize the delivery and how some of the content is structured to meet your organization's needs.
Be aware that I present in-person, virtually, or hybrid. Some states are indicating higher levels of the covid variant. If we have something scheduled, we can move to a virtual presentation easily. We’ll have a successful meeting regardless of the delivery system. I want to make sure you feel confident about scheduling and know that I will be able to pivot on short notice to change delivery methods so you have one less detail to worry about.

Program 1:  Bridge Over Adversity

In this presentation, Kevin tells the stories of some of the people in his book who overcame severe challenges in their lives. A subset of the 12 stories from the book that are most appropriate to inspire your organization will be selected after discussions with your event planner. After the presentation, the audience will see how people just like them were able to bridge over their adversity and be inspired to tackle their challenges in life. They will also learn the 5 common characteristics the people in the stories shared that kept them mired in their controversy as well as the 11 characteristics they shared that helped them escape and become happy again. 

Program 2:  Keeping Your Audience Engaged

Effective communication is an art. This program is for people who give presentations or speeches to groups of people. Their material can be work related, sales oriented, or inspirational. Regardless of how well you already speak, would you like to learn a step-by-step process that will elevate your speaking skills to the next level? What would that be worth to you in your business, work, or personal life? In this presentation, Kevin gives you the keys to delivering impactful presentations and speeches so that when you speak, people listen. You will learn the secrets to grabbing your audiences attention, keeping them engaged, and leaving them inspired when you finish. 


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