Bridge Over Adversity: THE BOOK

Have you ever faced adversity in your life? Are you experiencing challenges that are making your life, or the lives of loved ones difficult? We all face obstacles in life—how you deal with those roadblocks will have a major impact on your life.

In Bridge Over Adversity, you will hear the stories of 12 individuals who have met with severe challenges in their lives. You will read about a woman who was trafficked, about people fighting addictions, and a soldier with PTSD from his time in Iraq, as well as stories about other sobering challenges. 

Everyone you will read about was able to overcome these adversities in their lives. You will learn about the common things they did that kept them mired in their problems as well as the common traits they shared which allowed them to bridge over their adversity. 

If you, or someone close to you is facing challenges in life, this book will give you hope—and a blueprint—to Bridging Over your Adversity.



Kevin developed the concept for Bridge Over Adversity in 2005, based on what he had learned from his father and first father-in-law. Both put their families first, made sacrifices in their lives, and broke their families' chains of poverty. 

Kevin's dad, Al Desrosiers, grew up in Rhode Island. His parents had immigrated from Canada, and he spoke only French until he was a teenager. Al dropped out of high school, then joined the Air Force. After meeting Kevin's mom, moving to St. Louis, and having two children, Al realized he could not provide his family with the opportunities he dreamed of, so he took action. His first step: obtaining his GED. Next, he enrolled in college using the GI Bill. For four years, he attended school full time, worked full time, and worked as much overtime as he could get to make a better life for his family. During that time, Kevin and his sister did not see him often, and their mom, Marian Desrosiers, was the glue that held the family together. Soon, Al graduated with an electrical engineering degree which opened career opportunities that allowed him to give his children opportunities they never had. Those sacrifices taught Kevin the importance of hard work, education, and family values.  

Kevin's father-in-law, Porfirio Gurrola, was born in Arizona after his parents fled Mexico in 1911, during the Revolution.  When he was an adult, he moved to Fillmore, California. His first job in the U.S. was picking oranges in the fields. Porfirio met and married his wife, Pilar, and they started a family, eventually having nine children. The family struggled to make ends meet but also encountered racial biases which made it difficult to move up socially as well. When they were old enough, a few of the children helped in the fields on weekends. Porfirio showed initiative, learned new skills, and went into construction. Despite having only a sixth grade education, he saw how important education was. Even though their first few children grew up speaking Spanish, Porfirio and Pilar made sure all their children learned English and prioritized their schooling. Porfirio and Pilar taught the same values to their children that Kevin's parents taught him, and as a result, gave his children a better opportunity to succeed in life.

Kevin still uses the lessons he learned from his parents and in-laws today and has done his best to pass them on to his children. These values have helped him both in his career and family life. Now his mission is to teach others these principles so they too can Bridge Over their Adversity.